About Us

Farzimahal Architecture was created to improve extraordinary projects

Founded in 2010 in Istanbul, Farzimahal Architecture operates in the fields of project design and consultancy. The company, which continues its domestic and international activities in its office in Eyüpsultan, is a member of TMMOB (Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects).

It provides services to many issues that need architectural solutions together with all kinds of spaces such as Residence, Office Buildings, Hotels, Shopping Centers, Education and Dormitory Buildings, Hospitals and Cafes. Among these services, architectural concept project, application project, project groups coordination, bill of quantity and technical specification preparation, as-built project design, tender preparation consultancy, construction work schedule preparation and follow-up, field coordination and supervision services are provided.

In architectural projects shaped in line with user needs, solutions are produced by combining functionality, environmental factors and all other architectural elements. Coordination is provided with all other disciplines such as Mechanical-Electrical, Civil Engineering, Landscape, which are involved in the design and application of all projects that include small or large-scale, simple or multi-functional buildings.